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Car Insurance For People Who Work From Home

Car insurance can be designed to benefit people who work from home. Most car insurance companies assume that everyone works somewhere other than at home. Youi knows this isn't the case.

How do we know this?
Youi knows that many people operate a business from home or work at home remotely from central offices. We know this because some of the Youi team work remotely and some of our business partners work from home.

So at Youi, we understand that people who work from home use their cars differently from other people. If you're working from home your car tends to be parked at home in your garage for a large amount of the time. Other insurance companies assume that you've driven to work and parked somewhere dangerous.

So if you work from home and your car is parked at home during the day, you could save money on your car insurance.

What about when I do use my car?
When you do leave your home office your car is still covered by all parts of the comprehensive car insurance offered by Youi. So if you're driving business purposes such as attending meetings, visiting clients it's still covered.

What to tell us
When you get a car insurance quote from Youi, tell how you use your car for the majority of the time. If you work from home but mainly use your car for social or personal reasons let us know. If it's mainly for business or work related trips tell us.

This way Youi will tailor a car insurance policy that's designed for you and how you use your car.

You interested?
If you work from home discover if you can save money on your car insurance, by getting Youi online car insurance quote.

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